JOTS FROM JOSIE: “Trick or Treat! My costume is ready! My pumpkin is carved! My healthy snacks have been prepared for the Halloween party. It’s going to be a magical night for trick or treating…a night filled w/ music, dancing, & tons of sparkling lights, catching glimmers of flying witches & ghosts! I invite you to the party. Hope to see you there. Happy Halloween to all my friends. Love, Josie” Order my book, written by Alyson J. Pearl, online at: (Quote from Josie: “Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!”)

Our first adventure!

Our first adventure!



Blackie is Helping Me Prepare for Halloween!

JOTS FROM JOSIE: “Only a few more weeks and Halloween will finally be here! Yeah! Ghosts, witches, and black cats are popping up all around. I’m working on my costume and I still have to carve my pumpkin. If you read my book and come to the party, you will find out how much my friend Blackie, the black cat helped. His photo is attached. Love, Josie” This week’s special quote from Josie: “Be kind and help a friend.” Buy “A Big Halloween Surprise”, written by Alyson J. Pearl, online at:



Banana Ghosts & Pumpkin Oranges!

JOTS FROM JOSIE: “Hi! Today is October 1st…only a few more weeks until Halloween! I’m busy making delicious snacks. I promised I’d share the recipe, so check out the attached image to see the ingredients. Have fun making & eating banana ghosts & pumpkin oranges! Love, Josie” (This week’s special quote from Josie: “Healthy snacks make you smile.”) Don’t forget that you can buy my book, “A Big Halloween Surprise”, online at: or

Josie’s Halloween Costume…Funny or Scary?


JOTS FROM JOSIE: “Hi friends, Happy Fall! I’ve been thinking about my Halloween costume. Should I be funny or scary? My best friend Blackie says I’m already scary! Blackie doesn’t like Halloween, but I’ll get him to help me prepare, like make delicious snacks. Visit me next week for tasty Halloween goody recipes! Love, Josie.” Remember to buy my book, “A Big Halloween Surprise”, online at: or Quote from Josie: “Sharing good snacks with friends is fun & healthy.”


I’m so excited to tell you about my new friend! Kim of Back of the Bike Pet Grooming Salon, a gentle, full-service grooming salon & spa (1164 Route 10 Randolph, NJ) is selling Josie & Friends’ “A Big Halloween Surprise” & donating a portion of sales to 11th Hour Rescue, a non-profit finding loving foster homes for dogs & cats pulled from dangerous shelters! You can also buy the book @ Kim’s table THIS SAT 9/20, from 11-5pm @ the 10th Annual “PUPTOBERFEST” for 11th Hour (Horseshoe Lake: 72 Eyland Ave. Succasunna). For more info, visit: &! Thanks for your support!

Back to School


Hi Friends,

Meeting a new teacher and some new friends is so exciting!  I hope you are having fun in school.

I am so excited because it is almost Halloween!  I can’t wait to start decorating. This year I am making  ” Milk Jug Ghosts”

Here are the directions. It’s easy!

1. milk jug, 2.tea lights,3. permanent marker,4,scissors to cut the bottom of the jug.

Hope you visit me soon!

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 9.28.25 PM

Josie Quotes:  “Show your smile to everyone you meet.”



Thanks for stopping by! ‘Jots from Josie’ will be written weekly until Halloween. We’ll share new ideas about my favorite time of year! Can you guess what it is? HALLOWEEN! It won’t be long before leaves turn bright colors, pumpkins fill the fields at farms, & of course, don’t forget how much fun it is to go on a hayride! I’ve been thinking about my costume. (I know it’s early, but it’s always good to be prepared.) Have you thought about what you might wanna be for Halloween? I hope you’ll visit & write me a note here on my blog, where I can tell you all about my ideas! I even have special snack recipes you can make! Let’s share Halloween thoughts. Read about my Halloween costume party in my book: ” A Big Halloween Surprise”, which you can buy online: A quote from Josie: “Friends share giggles together!”



Happy Halloween!

Hello Friends,

I’m ready!  My costume  looks great!  I carved my pumpkin and now it is a Jack O Lantern with a candle that makes the pumpkin glow in the night.  I put it by my front door to greet all the Trick or Treaters.   Does anyone know what trick or treat means?  Write back and let me know what you think it might mean. 

Well,  it is almost time!  Blackie and I are ready to go to the party.  Blackie did not want to go but, I convinced him he would have fun. 

Have an safe and FUN night, HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all my friends. 

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 9.28.25 PM


Quote of the Day

It’s Halloween, Enjoy!

Trick or Treat Snacks

2013-10-10 110431

Hi Friends,

Halloween is almost here!   While you are getting ready, why not add some treats to your to do list?   What would Halloween be without ghosts and pumpkins?  Have fun making these healthy snacks and share them with your friends.  Just open up the attachment and see the surprise!

I hope you visit me soon and leave a message. I love making new friends.Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 9.28.25 PM

Quote of the Day

Share a snack with friends. It is fun and healthy.


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