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Appeared in The Neighbor News 10 October 2007

Beach Bound Books Review


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  1. Jo-Rose Portfolio, "We Appreciate The Talented." Capital-3 Staffing Solutions LLC
    Oct 12, 2014 @ 20:49:46

    Alyson J. Pearl, The Author –
    Congratulations on your 7th year anniversary of continuing as a mindful visionary!

    Halloween is indeed a seasonal setting. Beyond this, Josie and Friends: A Big Halloween Surprise with its whimsical illustrations is a time capsule literary gem for all ages. Alyson J. Pearl’s message “…friends can have different opinions, but each should respect their differences and still be friends -October 10, 2007” is an all seasons celebration. And Blackie’s mindful realization on sharing The Prize with Josie is words and action friendship!

    I enjoyed everything about The Book, from the illustrations with attitude, making it work friendship between Josie & Blackie, to the pumpkin-carver artist, Josie, thinking ahead of the next shared celebration!

    Thank you, Alyson J. Pearl. | Jo-Rose Portfolio, Capital-3 Staffing Solutions LLC, We Appreciate The Talented. | Sunday October 12, 2014


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