Happy Halloween!

Hello Friends,

I’m ready!  My costume  looks great!  I carved my pumpkin and now it is a Jack O Lantern with a candle that makes the pumpkin glow in the night.  I put it by my front door to greet all the Trick or Treaters.   Does anyone know what trick or treat means?  Write back and let me know what you think it might mean. 

Well,  it is almost time!  Blackie and I are ready to go to the party.  Blackie did not want to go but, I convinced him he would have fun. 

Have an safe and FUN night, HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all my friends. 

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Quote of the Day

It’s Halloween, Enjoy!


Trick or Treat Snacks

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Hi Friends,

Halloween is almost here!   While you are getting ready, why not add some treats to your to do list?   What would Halloween be without ghosts and pumpkins?  Have fun making these healthy snacks and share them with your friends.  Just open up the attachment and see the surprise!

I hope you visit me soon and leave a message. I love making new friends.Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 9.28.25 PM

Quote of the Day

Share a snack with friends. It is fun and healthy.


Getting Ready!

Hi Friends,

I’m thinking about all the things I have to do before Halloween.  Although, the weather is still very warm, I can’t wait until we get the first frost on the pumpkins. 

 While I was  walking today I got very excited to see so many houses were already decorated. Oh no! One more thing to put on my list of things to do!   Do you decorate your house?  If you do I would love to know what scary or funny things you do to welcome the Trick or Treaters.

I tried to get Blackie to go pumpkin picking with me. Guess what he said?  “No, I hate Halloween, remember?”  Don’t worry, I’ll get him to help. Have fun getting ready and keep your fingers crossed for some “Frost on the Pumpkins”   Write to me soon. Let’s be friends!

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Josie’s quote for the day.

“Being kind makes you warm and fuzzy.”