Thanks for stopping by! ‘Jots from Josie’ will be written weekly until Halloween. We’ll share new ideas about my favorite time of year! Can you guess what it is? HALLOWEEN! It won’t be long before leaves turn bright colors, pumpkins fill the fields at farms, & of course, don’t forget how much fun it is to go on a hayride! I’ve been thinking about my costume. (I know it’s early, but it’s always good to be prepared.) Have you thought about what you might wanna be for Halloween? I hope you’ll visit & write me a note here on my blog, where I can tell you all about my ideas! I even have special snack recipes you can make! Let’s share Halloween thoughts. Read about my Halloween costume party in my book: ” A Big Halloween Surprise”, which you can buy online: A quote from Josie: “Friends share giggles together!”